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Gold Medal Products 1800 SNO-PRO SNO-KONE MACHINE

This item has been discontinued.
Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products
Shipping Weight: 55 lbs.
Item#: 1800
Not available for purchase.

Product Details

The automatic Sno-Pro has a new blade design that uses specially designed band-type shaver blades rather than rotating cutter blades which makes the finest ice you can make with a snow cone machine. The Gold Medal Sno-Pro is one of our safest Sno-Kone machine models with extremely high volume production. Entirely automatic, so no more hassle or fuss - just load in your ice cubes and the machine does the rest. This new state of the art technology paired with Gold Medal’s commitment is an unstoppable combination for one of the best snow cone machines that you can buy.

Easy access to display area - no doors with lexan windows. The Sno-Pro cabinet design is virtually indestructible under use in the most adverse circumstances or environment. The non-metallic cabinet construction is extremely durable, lightweight and offers increased storage time. The Gold Medal 1800 Sno-Pro snow cone machine uses an easy-feed hopper that holds up to 4-lbs of ice cubes. A reliable, heavy-duty 1/3 HP direct drive motor is more efficient since it does not use belts or pulleys and can quickly shave ice cubes into fine snow. Includes drain hose and sno-kone dipper.

Dimensions 29" W x 14" D x 29" H.
Electrical 120 Volts, 4.6 Amps.
UL and UL Sanitation Listed.
Gold Medal Sno Pro is covered by 2 year parts and 6 months labor warranty.

ID C459-21164 


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